WeelWork is a bridge between Company and Recruitment

  • Find suitable recruiters
  • To simplify the bureaucracy and don't waste time on the administration of recruiters
  • Jobs statistics
  • Auto Stop Lists
  • Automatically filter of recurring CVs
  • Rating system of agencies and freelance recruiters
  • Collaboration in groups for freelance recruiters and agencies

WeelWork is for

Freelance recruiters

WeelWork is a professional recruitment platform. A portfolio that displays your achievements and opportunities. Independent rating system. Collaboration with colleagues to work on the same vacancy. Automatic settlements and guarantees of bonus payments. Simplification of bureaucracy. Search for clients.


With WeelWork, the recruitment process becomes predictable. Save time on finding suitable recruiters and concluding contracts with them. The platform will simplify the administration with freelance recruiters and agencies that work on your vacancy. Analytics and statistics of work on your vacancy. And most importantly, WeelWork does not charge extra service fees, the cost of recruitment is the same as on the market.

Recruitment Agencies

An independent rating system that will distinguish your agency from competitors. Simplified interaction with freelance recruiters. Automatic payout calculations. Simplification of bureaucracy. Search for the clients. The distribution of roles in the team. Analytics and statistics on working with a vacancy.

How it works?


Post a vacancy


Auto-matching of recruiters and the vacancy


Automatic contract

or easy replacement of recruiters


Get online KPI data


Get an employee

The advantages of the platform

Matching experience and need

No more guessing and hoping that someone will fill the vacancy. Entrust the work to those who have experience specifically in your question and for the city in which the vacancy is posted.

Speed ​​and simplicity

The most suitable recruiters for the technology stack and regions on the same platform. The best recruitment agensies. There is no point in wasting time looking for suitable recruiters if they are assembled in one place.

Data security

All confidential data is stored in the cloud in encrypted form. Only you have access to them.

Analyze and control

Be sure recruiters are working on your vacancy according to the daily report

Payments and comfort

Сlients and vacancies are in one place. You can keep your candidates on the platform for quick access. Recruiters and recruitment agencies can work together. Easy payments

What if chaos could be controlled... Just imagine it.

Work on the platform

Comfortable search for the right recruiters.
Requirements and subtleties of the vacancy are taken into consideration. The most suitable recruitment agencies and freelance recruiters for your vacancies. Convenient selection system based on data statistic.

Extended information about a freelance recruiters and agencies. All strengths, opportunities and most importantly, an independent rating that defines market leaders.

Informative reports of the recruiters` the daily work on the vacancy. Cumulative report of the results of work for the entire period of time.

Budget control dashboard. Analytics and payout statistics. Automatic reports for uploading to convenient formats.

WeelWork RoadMap

Early Access and testing
Sign Up integration with Social networks
Daily and cumulative reports
Highly improved notification system
Referral bonus program for recruiters
New upgraded and functional Dashboard
Multi-language version
Automated Contract and Bonus-payment system
Add AI assistant

Manual Package

Vacancy Level Hire Recruiter for Hire Recruitment Agency for


Fixed price

Bonus is on your choice

Fixed price

Bonus is on your choice

Standard Package

Vacancy Level Hire Recruiter for Hire Recruitment Agency for

MIDDLE level candidate

$ 1 200 ( two payments: $ 300 / $ 900 )

(~60% of the candidates month salary)*

from $ 2 000

(~8.35% of the candidates annual salary)*

SENIOR level candidate

$ 2 200 ( two payments: $ 500 / $ 1 700 )

(~60% of the candidates month salary)*

from $ 3 500

(~8.35% of the candidates annual salary)*

TEAM LEAD level candidate

$ 3 200 ( two payments: $ 700 / $ 2 500 )

(~75% of the candidates month salary)*

from $ 4 200

(~8.35% of the candidates annual salary)*

ARCHITECT level candidate

$ 3 700 ( two payments: $ 800 / $ 2 900 )

(~75% of the candidates month salary)*

from $ 4 700

(~8.35% of the candidates annual salary)*

C-level candidate

$ 4 200 ( two payments: $ 900 / $ 3 300 )

(~70% of the candidates month salary)*

from $ 6 000

(~8.35% of the candidates annual salary)*

* According to the DOU statistics - developers salaries in Ukraine in 2019

We make recruitment predictable