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    Think Cell

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    IT Service (outsourcing/outstaffing)

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    Germany, Berlin

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Think-cell is a kind of company developers truly like. In fact, of our now 20 full-time developers, in 15 years of think-cell, only one ever quit his job. We are highly profitable, so we can give you the time and resources to write beautiful code. There are no meetings. All management (the two co-founders) are computer science PhDs, so no demands from people who don’t understand the trade.

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  • C++ developer

    $6000-10000 04 Mar 2020
    Technical requirements: Language: • Everything we do is C++. Even our customer portal is written in C++. There is some Assembler glue code where it is necessary, and our build scripts are written in Python, but other than that think-cell is a...