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  • Alexander Petrischev

       24 placements per year    33560 candidates   Kharkiv   Java, UI/UX, Golang
  • Viktoriia

       6 placements per year
  • Iryna Sevastianova

       60 placements per year    3000 candidates   Kharkiv   PHP

    My strongest skill is networking, knowing hundreds of people offline and thousands on-line I help them connect and make their business, ideas and projects work!I know lots of people in a job search, I know lots of managers who are in need of good people, I know a lot of IT business owners who need investors, businessmen who want to invest in IT projects. A couple of guys with crazy ideas and a couple of people who want to invest…

  • Kateryna Patrieva

       3 placements per year    500 candidates   Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv   Javascript, Node.js, Android, PHP, QA Manual, HR and Recruiters, Sales Managers
  • Анастасия Рожкова

       24 placements per year
  • WeelWork

       12 placements per year    16600 candidates   Kharkiv, Kyiv, Kherson, Kharkiv   Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, C++, Python, Javascript, IOS, Android, QA Manual, Angular.js, DevOps

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  • Maryna Shurupova

       25 placements per year
  • Anastasia Antonyuk

        placements per year
  • anna koval

       0 placements per year

    I present recruiting agency Rooki, we help companies to find right candidates in creative field ( marketing managers, account managers, designers, art-directors, digital specialists, project managers ).


  • Margarita Kalagina

       40 placements per year
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