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  • Iryna Belyaeva

    Iryna Belyaeva

    -2 86 Kharkiv asp.net mvc: ASP.NET MVC, Laravel, Angular, Android, С++, Symfony, AWS, React, PHP

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  • Irina Nevskaya

    Irina Nevskaya

    3 5615 Dnipro Zend, Android, Angular, asp.net mvc: ASP.NET MVC, Java, JavaScript

    I have over 5 years of experience successfully hiring software engineers. Hired for large and small companies. I am able to work with difficult vacancies. I have a good technical background, studied C # in python. I am fond of psychology, it helps me in communicating with both candidates and customers and improves the hiring processes.

  • Ubaidullah Siddiq Choudhury

    Ubaidullah Siddiq Choudhury

    4 70000 Other Other

    My life mission is to remove barriers to opportunity, create access, and empower software engineers to work remotely.I often wondered how so many of us cannot find our dream job (Remote Job). After all, this is just a job where people get the flexibility of their own time, which makes them more productive compared to a job in an office and then I came forward leaving my sales executive position towards technical recruiting to help people finding remote jobsI also realized that my passion was to help candidates. I love preparing people for job interviews and seeing them succeed in finding their dream job.I value assessments and think they can be important for job seekers who need help to figure out their strengths and motivators. However, I work best with people who know where they want to go and just need help getting there.I work closely with startup Companies Finally, as a Recruitment Manager, it is my job to connect talented engineers with a wealth of opportunities.

  • Irina Komarova

    Irina Komarova

    3 4000 Kyiv C#, Android, Other

    - Full-cycle recruitment process activities; - Recruitment database maintenance; - Searching and selecting candidates according to the business needs (Mid/Senior level), sourcing potential candidates from various online channels; - Arranging and coordinating technical and management interviews; - Conducting job offer negotiations; - Supervising the work of contractors (recruiting agencies and freelance recruiters); - Supervising the work of the researchers (team of 2-3 researchers); - Work with analytics: preparation of weekly and monthly general reports and at the request of hiring managers.  

  • Alina Hizun

    Alina Hizun

    1 3025 Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi JavaScript, Java, IOS, PHP, Python, C#

    I’m experienced freelance IT recruiter working on different vacancies (both technical and non-technical). I have good underestanding in programming languages and different frameworks so it helps to find relevant candidates quickly.

  • Eugene Haiduchenko

    Eugene Haiduchenko

    1 6000 Vinnytsia Python, Angular, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Other

    Essence about me: I have 4 years of experience hiring for clients from different countries, for both product and outsourcing companies. In fact, I am the COO of Don't Panic Recruitment, and I just like working in the field as an independent specialist sometimes. Networking and selling vacancies are my strongest skills and I am passionate about the right match. Ukrainian, Europian, Israeli, UAE, and American companies found their Middle and Senior level Engineers and C-level executives with my professional support. When I'm not recruiting, I'm hanging out with my wife and 6 years old son in Vinnytsia, sipping stout, and reading Python for kids by Jason Briggs. :) Looking forward to searching the right fellow for you.

  • Katya Korostina

    Katya Korostina

    2 12 Mariupol, Kyiv, Mykolaiv HTML, C#, С++, JavaScript, SQL, YII, Swift, PHP, CSS3, Android, React, Laravel, jQuery

  • Anna Girnyk

    Anna Girnyk

    3 7 Kyiv С++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, React, Other

    Experienced with different positions for IT companies ( DevOps, QA, Fullstack, BA, PM, Scrum master, sales manager, marketing manager).

  • Kate Chumachenko

    Kate Chumachenko

    4 1018 Kharkiv, Kyiv Node.js, Wordpress, ASP.NET Web API, Android

  • Dmitriy Morozov

    Dmitriy Morozov

    2 31997 Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv asp.net mvc: ASP.NET MVC, Go (Golang), PHP, IOS, JavaScript, Java, Node.js, Android

  • Helena Tsukanova

    Helena Tsukanova

    2 60 Kyiv, Kharkiv JavaScript, Angular, React

    Hi!) I always try to find new experience in the process of researching / recruiting in the field of IT technologies. First of all, I took an IT Recruitment course at Hillel IT School. I am searching good job for a junior position in the office, remotely and on freelance too. Nowadays, I have been actively working by closing such vacancies as Front-end developers, Backend developers, Software engineers, DevOps, QA and others (Junior, Middle, Senior).

  • Natalia Muzyka

    Natalia Muzyka

    3 0 Kyiv AWS, Java, Azure, Other

  • Anna Babkina

    Anna Babkina

    2 0 Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv JavaScript, Node.js, Other, React, PHP, Python, asp.net mvc: ASP.NET MVC, Java

  • Marina Zhurbenko

    Marina Zhurbenko

    2 7 Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv С++, Java, IOS, Android, Node.js, PHP, Python, React

  • Kateryna Hrytsiv

    Kateryna Hrytsiv

    3 1200 Lviv Angular, Java, Erlang

  • Mariya Gotra

    Mariya Gotra

    2 100 Lviv PHP

    My strongest abilities: • Total-experience in HR - 2+ years. • Have strong experience in searching and selecting personnel for different positions (administrative, middle, TOP). • Development of advertising programs for hiring personnel in a highly competitive labor market. Quick closing of vacancies of different levels. • Creating convenient forms of applications and questionnaires that will be used by the organization during process of selecting and interviewing. • Creation of personnel reserve of the company.

  • Viktoriya Shevchenko

    Viktoriya Shevchenko

    1 0 Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv C#, Node.js, Java, React, Magento, PHP, Angular, Python, JavaScript, Other

  • Anna Makivskaya

    Anna Makivskaya

    3 2 Kharkiv PHP, Java, JavaScript

  • Людмила Климкова

    Людмила Климкова

    5 3503 Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv PHP, C#, Angular, asp.net mvc: ASP.NET MVC, Java, JavaScript

  • Tetiana Sikirska

    Tetiana Sikirska

    3 1 Kharkiv, Kyiv React, Python

    Don't panic recruitment

  • Maryna Olenychenko

    Maryna Olenychenko

    1 185 Kyiv, Kharkiv Magento, PHP, JavaScript, Other

    Hello, I'm an enthusiastic IT recruiter who recently graduated from IT recruiting school and passionate about searching for new talents)

  • Margarita Drobinova

    Margarita Drobinova

    4 7 Lviv Python, C#, Android, ASP.NET Web API, IOS, Java, PHP

    Welcome to my profile;)Hi, my name is Margarita.I want to find talented people for the development of companies.I am hardworking and I quickly learn new things. * Global IT Market Overview ;* Recruiter/HR in IT company;* Essential stuff for an engineer;* Job description;* Analysis of profile in social networks;* Active search on social networks;* Initial contact;* CV processing;* HR interview;* Technical interview. Customer interview;* Recruiter's working tools;* Transfer period;* Recruitment software. Analytics. KPIs;

  • Tatyana


    3 0 Kyiv Python

  • Nyuta Kondratskaya

    Nyuta Kondratskaya

    2 14000 Kherson Other

  • Alexandra Khomenko

    Alexandra Khomenko

    10 11100 Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Other JavaScript, PHP, Python, Magento, Wordpress, YII, Symfony, Other

    Hi! I have more than 9+ years of experience in software industry, 7+ years of HR & Recruiting experience with different technologies, also I have experience as a Head of HR&Recruiting Department and 2 years of experience as a SMM and Sales Manager. What can I help you:  Searching and hiring for IT specialists (different levels and positions) in Ukraine or others countries. Conducting interviews with IT specialists, coordinating all interview process. Supporting, building relationship with employees and assists them in finding appropriate HR solutions to meet their needs. Daily communication with candidates, providing for them updates and feedbacks. Full cycle of Recruiting funnel. I can find for you any kind of IT specialists/team (remotely, office).

  • Yana Bobyleva

    Yana Bobyleva

    1 800 Dnipro, Kyiv asp.net mvc: ASP.NET MVC, Java, PHP, JavaScript

    “Time spent on hiring is time well spent.”– Robert Half  

  • Yuliya Goretskaya

    Yuliya Goretskaya

    1 1686 Kharkiv, Kyiv Ruby, React, Node.js, Other

    • Work on client vacancies.• Selection of candidates for open positions.• Search for candidates.• Communication with potential candidates.

  • Dimitrii Chernenko

    Dimitrii Chernenko

    6 7 Kyiv, Lviv Android, С++, C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, React

    Highly motivated result-oriented recruiter with a number of technical skills for candidate searching. I used to work as Tester remotely and in-office not long though.

  • Oxana Tugee

    Oxana Tugee

    5 310 Kyiv С++, Android, Angular, PHP

    Hello) My name is Oksana. I am experienced IT Recruiter and HRD with 3 years of experience.  I built two strong companies from the very beginning and I will help you to do the same. If you have mess in your corporate culture, documentation and you are lack of vivid energy – ask me what to do. I know how to make WOW effect in the limits of your budget. I am the person, with whom colleagues want to share their problems and secrets. I have experience with lots of software tools and I know the best one that will be appropriate for your business. HRD doesn’t have weekends and breaks – I am online 24/7 for my employees. We will be involved into fast, result-oriented and multy-tasks process. Don't hesitate to contact me^^ Have a good day! With BR, your personal recruiter Oksana.  

  • Yaryna Perkhach

    Yaryna Perkhach

    4 8500 Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv C#, Node.js, JavaScript, Magento, Java, Other, React, Python

    Greetings from IT recruiter with working experience at the recruiting agency and as an in-house recruiter.  Additionally, I have a Master's degree in psychology and a content writer background. Searching for middle + developers and top managers all over Ukraine and across the world: Europe, Asia and the USA. My work is aimed at sourcing candidates for the Client under their employer branding, best matching soft and hard skills expectations to fit the team and delivering results expected.

  • Daria Lysenko

    Daria Lysenko

    2 0 Kyiv Other

  • Liana Solkarian

    Liana Solkarian

    10 500 Odesa Ruby

    Having more than 7 years of experience in IT Recruitment

  • Наталия Логвинова

    Наталия Логвинова

    7 9500 Odesa Go (Golang), JavaScript, PHP, Other

    2.5 года в IT-рекрутинге. Закрывала вакансии Unity3D Developer, Golang Developer, Front End Developer, PHP Developer, Full Stack Developer, WordPress Developer, Manual QA Engineer, Game Designer, Game Economy Designer, Game Analyst, 2D Artist, 3D Artist, VFX Artist, Motion Designer,  UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Sales Manager, Project Manager. Community Manager, Account Manager, Affiliate Manager, Media Buyer,  Marketing Analyst, SMM Specialist, Copywriter. Искала специалистов уровня Senior, Middle, Junior, занималась массовым подбором Graphic Designer и Motion Designer.

  • Yuliia Chernysh

    Yuliia Chernysh

    3 900 Kyiv Android, Swift, Angular, Node.js, Java

  • Kateryna Kramarenko

    Kateryna Kramarenko

    3 0 Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv С++


  • Алина Алекс

    Алина Алекс

    2 1403 Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa IOS, JavaScript, C#, Python, Node.js

    Recruiter Wanted: #FullStack #SrRoR #AQA #Node #Dotnet  #Frontend #PHP #Python #React #Angular

  • Evgen Scherbey

    Evgen Scherbey

    3 1000 Uzhhorod JavaScript

    As​ ​an​ ​IT​ ​recruiter​ ​and​ ​career​ ​adviser,​ ​I​ ​provide​ ​IT​ ​professionals​ ​with​ ​new​ ​career​ ​opportunities​ ​and​ ​ ​a​ ​better understanding​ ​of​ ​their​ ​possible​ ​career​ ​paths.​Select best matching professionals staying in the mainstream for companies and enterprises. 

  • Anastasiia Marynych

    Anastasiia Marynych

    5 200 Kyiv Angular, Java, PHP

  • Екатерина Панасюк

    Екатерина Панасюк

    2 9400 Kyiv Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Go (Golang), SQL, PHP, Other

  • Khrystyna Patynska

    Khrystyna Patynska

    3 20000 Kharkiv Other

  • Roman Shevchenko

    Roman Shevchenko

    2 1 Kyiv Other

  • Iia Mizina

    Iia Mizina

    5 102 Other Ruby, JavaScript, Clojure, Magento, Node.js, PHP, React, Symfony, Other

  • Olga Kolodiy

    Olga Kolodiy

    3 23000 Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv Other

  • Maxim Maximchuk

    Maxim Maximchuk

    6 1 Bila Tserkva 1C

  • Anna Zakharowa

    Anna Zakharowa

    1 1 Kyiv ASP.NET Web API

    I`m experienced recruiter and i`ll help you with pleasure to find great specialist.

  • Ilona Drahomyretska

    Ilona Drahomyretska

    40 21000 Kyiv C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby

  • Darya Baskakova

    Darya Baskakova

    24 4500 Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv С++, Java, IOS

    I am a recruiter with experience in closing vacancies at various levels. I can help solve your problem with the search and selection of staff.But if the task is too complicated, I can advise you the right specialist.Feel free to contact me: d.baskakova81@gmail.com

  • Oksana Bosovych

    Oksana Bosovych

    6 7800 Kyiv Java, C#, PHP, Python, Go (Golang), JavaScript

  • Maryna Shurupova

    Maryna Shurupova

    2 0 Kyiv С++, Laravel, Node.js, Angular, Azure, С, C#, Dart, Groovy, HTML, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, React, Ruby, SQL, Zend

    Recruitment specialist with experience in researching and recruiting it-specialists for different level positions.

  • Kateryna Patrieva

    Kateryna Patrieva

    3 267 Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv JavaScript, Android, PHP

  • Iryna Sevastianova

    Iryna Sevastianova

    5 1600 Kharkiv PHP, С++, asp.net mvc: ASP.NET MVC

    My strongest skill is networking, knowing hundreds of people offline and thousands on-line I help them connect and make their business, ideas and projects work! I know lots of people in a job search, I know lots of managers who are in need of good people, I know a lot of IT business owners who need investors, businessmen who want to invest in IT projects. A couple of guys with crazy ideas and a couple of people who want to invest in crazy ideas. And I help them to meet/ e-meet on-line and offline. If you want to invest and looking for a team, business owner, reliable partner – write me and I have such people in my networking, if you are looking for an investor, you have an idea or team – also write me I know people who want to invest. If you are in job search – write me I’m here to offer openings, if you need employees – write me I know lots of good guys (developers and managers) who are in the job search. Recruiting is relations (networking relations and skills) I make it far beyond than just classical recruiting ;)

  • Alexander Petrischev

    Alexander Petrischev

    17 8723 Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odesa Java, Go (Golang), Rust, Android

  • Daria Krasnopolska

    Daria Krasnopolska

    2 5453 Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, С++, Python