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Company size: 40

Think-cell is a kind of company developers truly like. In fact, of our now 20 full-time developers, in 15 years of think-cell, only one ever quit his job. We are highly profitable, so we can give you the time and resources to write beautiful code. There are no meetings. All management (the two co-founders) are computer science PhDs, so no demands from people who don’t understand the trade.

Specialization: IT Service (outsourcing/outstaffing)

Posted on 20 Dec 2020

Status: Active

Manual QA software tester

Candidate level: Middle

Offered Salary: $3000-5000



Vacancy Details





Team size


Job type

Full Time office

Project category

Ongoing development

Relocation package


Required english level

B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

Probation period

3 months

Social package


Project description

Think-cell provides graphics software that performs most of the painstaking work of creating data-driven slides for professional Excel and PowerPoint users. As part of our technical support team, the testing department checks for usability and understandability of new features. It is up to the testing department to find out if features are available for all use cases.

Since Think-cell is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, we have to pay close attention to think-cell's compatibility with the supported Microsoft Office products and Microsoft Operating Systems, and their respective updates. It is up to the testing department to review those updates, install and test them in detail. As a software tester at think-cell, you will help improve products that over 750,000 professionals world-wide rely on.

• Location: A beautiful office in the middle of Berlin

• Language: English is mandatory, German is a plus

• Years of experience: entry level or senior

• Studies: usually computer science but not only

• Full-time position in Berlin, no remote or freelance work

• You would work in a team of 20 developers directly with the CTO

• We will support with the relocation and visa process if needed

• Work life at think-cell

Vacancy description

- Fluent in English, German is a plus

- Attentive and detail-oriented

- Precise, systematic approach to work

- Highly self-motivated

- All fields of study welcome

About this job

Think-cell is constantly being developed, and you get to ensure the proper functioning of all new features. This includes not only checking for faults but also for logical consistency and intelligibility of our products. Every time we issue a new Think-cell version, which we regularly do, it is up to you to perform a final release test.

As you cannot constantly test every single feature of Think-cell, we have developed automatic test routines. It will be an important part of your job to maintain, develop and enhance these automatic tests (if our QA tester want it to do). As we need to know whether think-cell works with tablets, PCs, docking stations, smart phones etc., you will often get to test new hardware, too.

Every time an error occurs within our software, regardless of whether you, a customer or a colleague found it, we require a detailed and reliable reproduction of the error to fully understand, and subsequently resolve, the problem. You will be responsible for delivering the details that make it possible for us to reproduce the problem with ease on another computer. Your clarity of communication is crucial in allowing the problem to be fixed, so strong written communication skills is a must.

Our testing department also writes error reports in our internal system that document the error and everything related to it. After the error has been resolved by our developers, it is up to you to check if the problem has really disappeared. You will also be responsible for deepening our internal Knowledge Base to capture the ever evolving functionality of our product.

As our testers independently structure their work, we are looking for applicants with a high level of self-motivation. Some experience with Microsoft Office, particularly with PowerPoint and Excel, is a plus. We will be happy to teach you the rest. This position requires that you are fluent in both written and spoken English. Our testing department is still growing. This allows you to influence and build up your own working environment.

We offer flexible, family-friendly working hours and a permanent job with competitive pay. Don’t forget the in-office snacks and modern office located in the central historic district of Berlin!


- Highly flexible working hours (plus option to work full-time or part-time)

- Opportunity to improve our software by giving direct feedback to our developer team

- Opportunity to enhance existing processes

- Direct contact with our global customer base

- Very competitive salary

Additional information

To give you an insight into our overall philosophy on error handling, here's a presentation from our CTO Arno Schödel on the subject.

More specifically, we have an extensive bug reporting infrastructure. Assertions and error checks stay in the release code, and our software automatically reports bugs to our server. The server analyzes the bug, categorizes it and files it in a database that all developers can access. If an update fixes the bug, the user can download the update directly from a bug response web page.

In order to track bugs internally we use RT, as it currently meets our need for flexibility better than any other tool we've considered. Besides rigorous testing at unit-level, we undertake integration testing manually and with automated approaches (VBA and C++-based) to ensure a fit-for-purpose coverage of system environments and use cases.

However none of this is cast in stone. Once you've joined, any ideas, suggestions and criticism regarding our tools and processes are welcome and are seriously considered, if you can make a convincing case for change.

Before answering candidates in more detail, it is important to understand that Think-cell is an Add-in for PowerPoint and Excel (we support Office for macOS and Windows) and therefore is deeply embedded in those Apps.

No mobile OSs, web-based apps or other hardware are supported by us, so no mobile or hardware and very little web-based testing is involved. As such, confident use (including the more advanced features) of PowerPoint and Excel are useful and working knowledge of VBA a bonus, but if the candidate excels in the areas of analytical approach and systematic deduction, this is not a must.