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Specialization: IT Service (outsourcing/outstaffing)

Posted on 29 Dec 2020

Status: Active

Middle-Senior React Developer (Remote)

Candidate level: Senior

Offered Salary: $3000-4500






Vacancy Details





Team size


Job type


Project category


Relocation package


Required english level

B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

Probation period

2 months

Social package


Project description

S-PRO is a custom software development company that is focused on the creation of tailor-made innovative products from the idea stage. We mostly work with early-stage startups and medium running businesses. Our solutions help businesses to become more efficient and cost-effective. We are responsible for product A to Z development and searching for a team player that is keen on contributing his ideas to new products.

In the same time in our company developing more than 30 startups. We already created all necessary processes for product delivery and overall we do this for 6+ years. Right now we are on the stage of choosing our main technology domain and we are focusing on Energy, Fintech and Supply chain.

Vacancy description


- 3+ years of experience

- CDN work principles.

- Design patterns understanding.

- Clean code understanding.

- JS to TS migration experience.

- Likes refactoring and improvements.

- Unit tests and snapshot testing

- React.js 1.5y+

- Redux-Saga

- Docker

- Understands how BE works. No experience required, just understanding of BE design (API + Database work)

- Formik


Responibilities / work TBD by candidate:

- Need to setup Docker

- Need to setup Tests

- Rework sagas to not cause side effects

- Sagas should not initiate other actions. It will require global rework of project.

- Rework data fetching principles:

- Define interfaces of data that FE waits from BE.

- Fetch only needed data.

- Implement pagination and fetching of item details on item page. ex:

- Page user/list - fetch user data that is required to show this list.

- Click on user details -> fetch data of user that is absent of FE.

- Do not preload everything at first!



Refactor FE components. (Need separate plan)


We offer

No test task — we appreciate your time 😉


— Opportunity to work with the hype technologies;

— Attend conferences, training, R&D, hackathon etc. (50% compensation package);

— Regular transparent performance & career development reviews;

— Easy touch with Technical leaders, any bureaucracy;

— Flexible schedule (working day starts till — 11 a.m);

— Corporate book-crossing of IT literature;

— Funny celebrations, active corporate life;

— Smooth adaptation period: 2 months;

— Long-term employment;

— Compensation for sick leaves and regular vacations;

— Friendly team (we are a company with a family atmosphere).